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This summer I went to a popup exhibit called The Happy Place in Chicago, IL.

It was a cute little place inside of a trailer with different rooms full of things like ball pits, confetti, balloons, rubber ducks, etc! If you ever get the chance, I would totally recommend it.

Here are some of my favorite exhibits from them!


Ahh, yes the picture perfect ball bit. It was super fun and waaay deeper than I thought… A staff worker had to pull me and my friend out…

The upside down room – Not gonna lie, it was pretty trippy walking in. Everything is hanging from the ceiling so that when you flip the photo, YOU look backward.

This had to be my favorite one. It was a room full of flowers everywhere! From the ceiling, from the ground, everywhere around you. They had little openings where you would climb in from the bottom to be able to take a picture with them. It was so beautiful, they had little glass lights too!

If you ever have the chance to go, do it!!!

Esther Cho

Tampa '20

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