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Halloween Snacks for College Dorm

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for a couple of reasons. I love being creative and dressing up, and most importantly, I love the excuse to eat a lot of candy and fun treats. This year, being in a dorm room, I was discouraged until I realized there are so many easy treats I can still make with only a microwave. I have decided to compile a list with some recipes for anybody who might be looking for some yummy Halloween treats in their dorm room. 

This one is super fun since you can customize them in so many ways with the same base. Plus, they take 5 minutes to make and only use 3 ingredients (for the base). You just need butter, mini marshmallows, and rice cereal. This one you can get creative with because you can create different shapes and characters with different colors, like candy corn, Frankenstein, vampire teeth, etc. 

This one is also super simple to make and requires only a few ingredients as well. You need either colored or white candy melts or chocolate, pretzels, and decorations. You can use chocolate for all the decorations or use sprinkles for an easier way to decorate. You can also get creative with these and make different monsters pretty easily.

This one is also easy to create and you can either just make the spiders or also create the webs. For the spiders, you need Oreos, pretzels, and m&ms (or similar candy for the eyes). For the webs, you need pretzels and melted chocolate. These would be perfect for just a little something to have around your dorm to snack on, or for a party.

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