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Everyone knows the struggle of only having a certain amount of meal swipes per week. As a resident, I for one struggled last semester with the Carte Blanche meal plan which allows an unlimited amount of swipes at ultimate dining but only three meal exchanges at any other dining establishment on campus. I now have this fall semester the “Favorite” meal plan which is fifteen meal swipes at any dining spot on campus. I am going to show you guys how to hack this meal plan so by the time it is Friday you will still have seven or fewer meal swipes.

Step 1: Look at the menu for Ultimate dining and plan accordingly: At the start of your week, you want to check what kind of meals they’re going to be having in the dining hall before you even step foot in the room and waste a swipe.


Step 2: Plan how many meals a day you can have without running out: So since I have 15 meals per week, I’ve come with an idea that each day I can use 2 meal swipes and by Sunday I can have three.


Step 3: Invest in a mini-fridge and/or microwave: Having a fridge allows you to store any food that you have left over and/or bought from the store. Make sure you check expiration dates so you don’t forget when your food has gone bad.


Step 4: Always get a to-go box. I always like to take my food to-go because I can overpack on the foods I like and have leftovers for later. If your meal plan does not allow you to get a to-go box, make sure to invest time to sit down and enjoy your food eat.


Step 5: Always ask how many meal-swipes you have left and keep checking: After every swipe or at the end of your day, check how many swipes you have used and text yourself or make a note so that way you keep check.


Step 6: Cooking on a budget: If you don’t like any of the options at the dining establishments on campus, then take some time to cook in your buildings designated kitchen; Or if your like me and have friends in Palm apartments on campus, ask if they would like to join you in a meal while you cook for them and yourself in there place. Not only do you get to eat the food you like, but you also have company and you are not alone.


That’s all the hacks I have for this month Thanks for reading “Hack my college life”. I hope you guys enjoyed! If you have any suggestions on what hacks you would like to see next month you may shoot me an email at essence.polland@spartans.ut.edu.

Essence Polland Biology Professional track of Veterinary Medicine
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