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Congratulations! You survived retrograde! And election day! Let’s take a moment to pat ourselves on the back and ground a lil bit. 

Grounding and mediation are amazing ways to feel more connected with yourself, your surroundings, and work through any mental clutter you’re experiencing. I personally like to ground before I practice my craft or any kind of divination, as it helps me connect with my intentions and clear my thoughts so I can focus. You don’t have to be anywhere special to have a grounding or mediation moment. You can ground standing in line at the grocery store! 

Meditation is different from grounding, in that grounding is more about connecting your body and your senses to the Earth, and meditation is more mentally focused. 

Many like to ground by imagining themselves growing roots into the Earth, releasing any negative energy or thoughts, and soaking up pure, clean and revitalizing energy. Some like to practice engaging their senses when they ground: 

  • First, plant your feet and notice your breath and the feeling of the environment you’re in. If you’re comfortable, close your eyes. (I highly recommend grounding in nature whenever possible. Nothing feels better then putting your bare feet on the Earth and soaking in all she has to give you)

  • With your eyes closed, notice the sounds of your environment. Are there birds? Cars? People laughing or talking?

  • Find something you can feel. What is it like? Fuzzy? Wet? Smooth?

  • What do you smell? Is there anything you can taste? 

Time spent in mediation is excellent self-care time because you can throw in some affirmations that will elevate your mood and add a dose of magic to your day. 

For example:

  • I attract positive, beautiful things into my life 

  • I am worthy of love / I am loved

  • I am capable and confident in all that I do

If you don’t have a lot of time to complete long sit-down meditation sessions, that’s totally fine! A few simple minutes can go a long way and help you put your best foot forward. My favorite guided meditations are by The Psychic Soul on Youtube. She does great moon phase meditations!

I hope you find time to ground and reconnect yourself with Mother Earth during these overwhelming times. As always, good luck and love eternal. 

Capricorn ☀️ Gemini ? Taurus ? Maryanna is a freshman Art Therapy major at the University of Tampa. She loves all things wellness, spirituality and the metaphysical lifestyle. You can often find her in the park painting pictures of cows, or on Instagram @maryanna__bee. Blessed Be!