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Gertie Sercus

Name: Gertie Sercus


Year: Junior


Major: Mathematics with two minors in History and Mathematical Programming


Hometown: Bloomfield, NJ


Instagram: @gmsercus


How are you involved on-campus?

I hold an executive position in Pi Beta Phi, I was recently a Rho Gamma for Panhellenic, and I am co-president of Pi Mu Epsilon (the mathematics honors fraternity).



Favorite flavor of Dum-dum lollipop?



Favorite quote to live by?

“A wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.” – JRR Tolkien


If you had to exist in one TV show, what show would it be?

I feel like I would best fit as one of those recurring special characters on Friends. Kind of like Janice, but better.


On Tuesday nights you can find me….

In my 4-hour night class probably not paying attention.


Do you miss Spar-B-Que?

I never had it…


Dunkin or Starbucks?

Dunkin of course. I LIVE off of those mini hash browns.



If you could only go to one Disney Theme Park, which would it be?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom because I worked there for a few months.


If you have a date come over for dinner- what are you cooking?

Probably mac and cheese or mashed potatoes. That’s about all I can handle without burning something.


You can only wear two colors for the rest of your life- what are they?

Black and grey.


The best decision you’ve made at UT so far?

Joining Pi Beta Phi!


Favorite off-campus place to get food?

Chipotle – one time I had it four times in one week.


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