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Four Things Every UT Student Should Carry in Their Bag

 Beyond the necessities (keys, wallet, etc.) what do you need to carry with you on a daily basis? To prepare for the unexpected, here are the essentials that every college student should have in their bag!


            This item cannot be stressed enough. Sometimes it may seem unnecessary to carry your umbrella with you every day, especially if it has been three consecutive weeks of beautiful weather. However, Florida weather is notoriously unpredictable. I have been caught in more rainstorms than I can count, and if you don’t want to sit through a two-hour lecture soaking wet, I recommend carrying an umbrella.

Flash Drive

            Computers crash and some files are too large to be emailed. One time I was working on a project for three hours straight and for no reason my computer decided to turn off. All of my work was lost. All. Three. Hours. Of. Work. Gone! I almost threw my laptop at the wall. Now, I keep my flash drive in my back pack at all times, and every so often I back up my work just in case.

Student ID Card

            While students who live on campus probably always carry their Spartan card, some commuters might not think it is all that necessary to do so. What do you even need a Spartan card for if you do not have a meal plan or live on-campus? Sometimes if you are at school late, campus safety might ask to see it to make sure that you are actually a student. If you want to go to school events like Casino Night or the musical, they will usually ask for your card before you can enter. At the end of the day, it is better to have your Spartan card and not need it than need your card and not have it.


            If you are like me and have a slight coffee addiction, having gum in your bag can be a real life saver. I am not ashamed to admit that I occasionally (or routinely) indulge in a cup of coffee between classes, but walking into lecture with coffee breath is a confidence killer. Since I am a commuter, it is not exactly feasible to go home and brush my teeth between classes, and I am not about to give up my coffee. Having gum on hand is the next best thing to a toothbrush and toothpaste.

            While college students have different needs, these four essentials should find their way into every UT students backpack to prepare them for the day.

My name is Leann Petschonek, and I am a Junior here at the University of Tampa studying Biology. I was originally born in Michigan, but moved to Florida when I was five, and loved the Sunshine State ever since (even though I am, Ironically, very VERY pale). I tend to be introverted in person, but I have a large voice on paper. You can usually find me reading a book- or glaring at one as I study, taking some pictures, or watching more television then I probably should.
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