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Four Podcasts Every College Student Should Listen To

As a commuter student, I spend a lot of time in my car. And with that time, I like to spend all of it sitting in complete, tranquil silence alone with my thoughts. Okay that is a complete lie, and I’m lowkey scared of people who drive in silence—seriously, are y’all okay? I used to spend 20 minutes putting together the perfect queue of music for 1+ hour drives, but with podcasts, all it takes is one click and I’m on my way. Sometimes I throw on a compelling murder mystery and sometimes I’m in the mood for a laugh on my way to school. So, with my many hours of research, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite podcasts to listen to that any college student can enjoy.


  1. Zane and Heath: Unfiltered

Now before you scroll past this one because you don’t keep up with the Vlog Squad–hear me out. Former viners turned Youtubers, Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar, are one of the funniest, most entertaining duos out there. You don’t need to be superfans to keep up with their banter and crazy Hollywood stories. Topics discussed range from conspiracy theories to Kylie Jenner parties so you’ll never be bored. One of my favorite episodes is #24: Sneaking Into an Oscars After Party. To me, this podcast is—dare I say—better than David Dobrik’s Views podcast, though that one is also entertaining to listen to. Zane and Heath are also joined by two friends, Matt King and Mariah Amato that bring even more chemistry to the table. Listening to this podcast makes me feel like I’m right there with them sipping on my coffee and joking about my Lamborghini… well maybe that’s not totally true, I’m more of a tea person. *Wink Wink*


  1. Crime Junkie

By far one of the best crime podcasts, Crime Junkie, never fails to surprise me (and scare me). The first episode I ever listened to still baffles me to this day and that is Mysterious Death: The Yuba County Five. This episode is what drew me into so many other compelling stories with its twists and turns that you’ll find in so many other episodes. Hosts Ashley Flowers and Britt lay out each case flawlessly. Episodes are usually no longer than an hour as they are straight to the point and no detail is left out. I seriously cannot recommend this podcast enough.


  1. Behind the Bastards

This podcast is one where I have a lot of catching up to do. I listened to my first episode a couple weeks ago and I’m hooked. Because of it, I look forward to my long drives so I can dive back in. Bad guys (and gals) in history continue to fascinate us, and this podcast proves there’s even more to them than we thought. Every episode captures my attention–my apologies to fellow drivers if I cut you off, I was probably too focused on the atrocities of Mark Zuckerberg or the worst Industrial Disaster that rivals Chernobyl (Episode 76). There is so much to learn about from this podcast, go give it a listen!


  1. The Daily by The New York Times

This is the best podcast when all you need is a quick catch up on the daily news. Each episode is a short 30 minutes to catch up on everything you need to know. Michael Barbaro hosts this podcast as he delivers and analyzes the news of the day. For instance, a recent episode titled, Swing Voters and the Supreme Court Vacancy, helps listeners make sense of the recent news of Justice Ginsburg’s recent passing. What impact will the vacant seat have on the thinking of swing voters? Barbaro has many more questions and answers to cover in The Daily.


Even if you’re not a podcast person, I guarantee you’ll enjoy at least one of these podcasts. There are thousands of podcasts out there and it can be hard to know which one to start listening to first. And with the hectic life of being a college student, I usually don’t have time to sift through episodes to figure out which one I’ll enjoy the most, so I hope this list succeeds in giving you somewhere to start. 

At the University of Tampa, Emma is pursuing a BA in Philosophy and double minors in Cinema Studies and Law, Justice, and Advocacy. Some of her many interests include writing, traveling, and skateboarding (if she manages to stay on the board for more than 30 seconds). She aspires to travel and live in many different cities but for now, you can find her in Tampa, FL. Say hi and follow her on Instagram @emmahitzemann!
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