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Purchasing art from small artists and digital creators has become almost as bad as my shopping addiction itself. I love to support small businesses and artists in an attempt to give them as much recognition as they deserve. Most of the artists I find and support happen to be on Instagram, which is easily accessible, and I highly recommend you find time to check out their art!



KaroCrafts is a digital media brand created by a student at Chapman University. This account has to be one of my favorites, style and creativity wise. The artist produces digital collages that tell stories that are  personal to her and have some form of a deeper meaning. KaroCrafts ranks top on the list as the artist happens to be my favorite, and if you have any interest in digital art I would definitely check her out. 



Julia is an artist from the UK who focuses more on fashion, but she creates designs and art as prints for her clothing. Her designs usually consist of flowers and butterflies, which is on the girlier side, but if that’s what you’re into her brand is perfect for you. I actually recently purchased a mask from her that happens to be my favorite mask I own! I would highly recommend her brand! 



As someone who is very into graphic design, and more specifically, politically charged graphic art, I have to say this account is one of my favorites. The artist uses a soft pink and orange color scheme to create digital art promoting political phrases and positive messages. She sells apparel, stickers, and creates cute graphics to repost if you please!



This artist has a more “woodsy” style to her art, and is one of my favorites. Her art personalizes objects of nature and the universe such as the sun, moon, clouds, frogs, etc. I actually have one of her sun designs on my wall, and plan to purchase more prints from her in the future! She has a variety of different pieces that are sure to intrigue almost anyone!



Elena Rossato is an Italian self-taught artist who mostly creates portraits out of watercolor or colored pencil. Her art is super interesting and very different from the other artists I’ve listed as her art is more serious and very intricate. She sells prints and merch, but is also just a super cool artist to follow and keep up with!

Emma is a Senior Advertising and Public Relations major and Women and Gender Studies/Journalism minor at The University of Tampa. She loves the beach, graphic design, photography, and traveling.
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