Five Best Pizza Places Near Campus

Eddies and Sam's

When you walk into Eddies and Sam's, you feel like you have been dropped right into the middle of NYC at a super authentic pizza joint. They have over 20 different kinds, slices larger than your head, and really good bang for your buck. The only downside is that they don't deliver. Or maybe, that's an upside, since I would call them every day.


Fabrica pizza is a small wood fire pizza place located in the heart of Channelside with a super modern feel. They offer a variety of pizzas, salads, and desserts with a newer twist on them. They also make their own spicy oil, which if you like a kick is a must to drizzle on everything!


Bavarros, which is in both downtown Tampa and St Pete is worth every minute of the sit-down experience. While the restaurant is little cozy, the chefs have been flown in from Italy and are making exactly that, true Italian pizza. They also make a Nutella pizza for after you've eaten your main giant pizza, which is always necessary. 


NYNY pizza also gives that NY pizza feel most of us crave, while also making sure that all the young bar-goers have a place to get pizza on weekends until 4 am. No that is not a typo, they are really open until the sun almost comes up. They also deliver that late so if you wake up with a need for pizza, all you have to do is roll over and call. 

DP Dough 

Even though DP Dough is technically a calzone place and not a pizza place, I felt as though it deserves to be up on this list. They offer so many different kinds as well as ones specifically for the Tampa area such as the Mac Daddy, a calzone stuffed with Mac and cheese and bacon, oh my. They are also open into the late hours and no matter what you get there, you really can't go wrong.