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Favorite Drugstore Products- THAT ACTUALLY WORK

As broke college students, we don’t have the time to be spending $40 on a lipstick…like c’mon people!! There are products under $10 that work just the same (or even better sometimes), and I am here to share my favorite holy grail products with you! J



This foundation has been my rock since freshman year of high school…I swear it lasts ALL DAY WITH OUT A PRIMER and somehow makes it look like you have no pores?! Basicallyyyy if you wanna look airbrushed for $8, I swear this is the one!!




I swear this is the most pigmented and beautiful blush I’ve ever used, and I’ve used blushes from brands like Too Faced, and Tarte. It gives this natural look and comes in many different shades, you’ll definitely find one that gives you the perfect, rosy glow.




My lashes are super thin, and they point downward so it’s hard and super rare to find a mascara that will keep them up and curled. But fear not!!! I’ve found one for $5!! This mascara makes my eyelashes look super long and voluminous without weighing them down. Use the waterproof formula for that extra lift all day long.

Esther Cho

Tampa '20

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