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Throw all the preconceived notions of “good” and “bad” art out the window and let your creative juices flow as you create one of the following therapeutic art projects. 


Looking to feel grounded?


To help anyone feeling overwhelmed and/or lost in the chaos of daily life, it can be useful to remind yourself of your core morals and values. To help ground you in those core values, create a piece of artwork based on your words to live by, or your go-to mantra. Draw, paint, scribble, or sculpt whatever comes to mind when you think of your favorite saying/quote. 


Need some affirmation?


Make a self-care box! Find any kind of small cardboard box and decorate the outside with whatever you please. You can cover it with positive affirmations, stickers, paint it your favorite color, and anything in between. Then fill it up with comforting items that will be waiting there for you when you need them most, such as pictures of family and friends, favorite quotes, jewelry, pressed flowers, or small memorabilia like concert and movie tickets.


Anxiety levels rising?


If anxiety had a body (and/or personality) what would it look like? How would it talk? What would it say? What does it care about? What does your body look like with anxiety? What would it look like if anxiety was no longer present? What if you were to bump into anxiety on the street? Use the answers to these questions to create a drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, etc. to help visualize your anxiety. Identifying, understanding, and visualizing anxiety are the first steps in being able to deal with it properly.


Dana is a sociology major with a minor in therapeutic arts. She hopes to go into the Peace Corps, pursue a masters degree in social work, and then work with prison populations, in that order. Dana is a lover of all aspects of the arts, but specifically she dabbles in painting, drawing, some photography and writing, and appreciates all types of music. You can typically find her with her nose in a book or sketchbook. Feel free to follow her art and interests on Instagram! @danababy01
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