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Essentials for Enjoying College Fashion Week From Miles Away

Last week the ladies of Her Campus UT hosted a College Fashion Week Watch party where we spoke about all things fashion, beauty, and body positivity. Shortly after discussing our favorite current fall trends such as teddy coats, color blocking, and bell bottoms, the conversation took a turn to discuss the other side of the fashion industry.

The girls brought up the lack of diversity and representation on the Runway. HCUT Writer Alondra Vidal Diaz, stated how she’d like “to see more diversity on #TheRealRunway rather than what we usually see”. We even had another HCUT member, Alexandra Lentz, show us part of a presentation she was working on for a class project. Her research showed us the harsh realities of the fashion industry.

The conversation then took another turn as we spoke about what we liked to see and which companies were doing well at doing so. Companies such as Aerie, and Any BODY co. were popular amongst the girls for promoting body positivity and beauty in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

After our presentation, we took it online and viewed CFW through Instagram on @HerCampus account. We saw fine examples of models that represented the modern girl on and off the runway.


Not only did we get to speak about important topics and watch the show, but members (and guests) also received some goodies from Her Campus Nationals and the sponsors of College Fashion Week.


Here are some of the products we received:

  • Eos Organic Lip Balm in Tropical Mango
    • Organic Chapstick? Yes, please? And with everyone’s favorite tropical fruit, the girls were running these on their lips all night long. Everyone was super excited to try these out since they’re super reliable and the color is bright so it makes it easy to find in your bag. It’s funny because since the event I’ve seen so many girls on campus with the distinctive orange balm and I know exactly where they got it!
  • Primark Beanies
    • These came just in time! We first received these last week when the weather was 96 degrees and sunny clear skies. Currently, it’s 67 degrees here in Tampa. It’s sunny but it’s still pretty cold. The beanies are so cute, and we couldn’t expect anything less from such a sweet brand.
  • Almay Goddess Gloss
    • These went out like hotcakes when passing them out during the CFW event. The girls divulged about the hot colors these lippies came in.
  • VELCRO Brand HANGables Removable Wall Fasteners
    • Our amazing Director of Events, Daniela Espinosa – who’s also a trendsetter for Her Campus Media—got to work with this brand to decorate her room using the wall fasteners and some deco from hcxo.shop.

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

Emely is a rising junior at The University of Tampa. She studies advertising and PR with a focusing on digital marketing. When she isn't bumping to J Cole, Drake or Aventura she's reading up on anything astrological, or editing photos for her food IG. As a New York City native, she loves exploring the cities micro-neighborhoods for their cuisine, music, and fashion. If you want to know more about Emely, follow her on Instagram - @aemiliatertia - or Twitter - @ThatEmely
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