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Even though my favorite season, without a doubt, is summer, I can’t help but absolutely love dressing for the cold season. Although it doesn’t get as cold in Florida, I’m looking forward to returning to my hometown for some true winter weather and fashion. 

When I think of the best winter wardrobe, I first start with some perfect basic pieces that are great for mixing and matching. For pants, I like some basic jeans in different washes, a great pair of yoga/flare leggings, or even some cargo pants. One of my favorite clothing items is a skirt, patterned or denim. Even though it is cold, on a warmer day, you could throw on one with a pair of sheer black tights to match up the perfect outfit. 

Now for shoes, I believe the shoe of the season is definitely a pair of Uggs. Whether those are the Tazmans or the Minis, you can dress them up or down so easily, along with a good pair of winter boots like Doc Martens or sturdy sneakers to throw on with any outfit.

With that all being said, having the essentials for dressing for the upcoming winter season can easily make you feel more prepared for the cold and get out of the seasonal slump I tend to always fall into as well. 

Madison Scerbo is currently a new chapter member of Her Campus at Tampa Chapter. She enjoys writing about lifestyle tips, the latest trends, fashion, and personal experiences. Apart from Her Campus Madison is a freshman at the University of Tampa majoring in Business Marketing and has a minor in Film and Media Arts. She loves being involved with communities on her campus and is also on the Tampa Dance Team- The Spartan Scarlets. Having taken creative writing and cinematography classes she has always had a passion for the arts. Madison has been involved in dance for over ten years and is a sales associate at The Olive Oil Pantry in her hometown allowing her to learn about healthy eating and fitness lifestyles. In her free time, Madison loves to hang out with friends, go on walks, try new foods, and go to the beach! You can often find her out and about or cozied up watching her favorite movie.