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Don’t Blame Me!: The Empowering Podcast to Give a Listen

         After high school I was looking for a podcast to get into. I tried listening to a couple including Don’t Blame Me! The raw, relatable, and entertaining podcast allows the listeners to hear other’s experiences. Bringing embarrassing stories to light has created and bonded the community that has been built off this podcast.

Don’t Blame Me! is a weekly call-in podcast by social media influencer, Megan Reinks and co-hosted by podcast editor, Melisa Monts. These two women will also occasionally bring in guest stars such as medical professionals, social media influencers, and so many others. 

Megan Reinks is a 27-year-old actress, YouTuber, and author. She started her YouTube channel mid-2010 and since has gained 2.2 million subscribers. The Don’t Blame Me! Podcast provides advice for mostly women (but also men) about relationships, sex, and mental health. A common response by the podcasters after a person calls in is to tell them that they should go to therapy if they are not already. The way that Megan and Melisa respond to the callers is biased and honest which while being informative, gives an amusing and enjoyable twang to it.

Megan and Melisa have also created a Facebook group to further engage the community that they have built. The group requires the person who is wanting to join to answer questions that they would only know by listening to previous episodes. Having the person to answer questions ensures privacy of members from people who do not genuinely listen to the podcast and are there to snoop on others.

So, in general, I would recommend everyone to listen to this podcast. Megan and Melisa bring up topics that are traditionally taboo and normalize natural and healthy experiences. These simulations empower listeners and encourage them to do what is best for their mental health. 


I am Erica Dougherty, a sophomore at the University of Tampa, interested in advertising, marketing, and much more!
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