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Do’s and Don’ts of Maintaining A Social Life: Pandemic Edition

Human connection is more important now than ever. As people, we need the love, support, motivation, and simple comfort that we feel from being around others. I’m here to tell you that connection is still possible to find even in the middle of a pandemic. Here are some tips to get you started.


Have small (try to stay below ten, including yourself) gatherings with your friends. Here’s a list of some things you and your friends can do:

1. Movie night

Pick out a group favorite or even something new, pop some popcorn, grab some snacks, and kick back with some friends.

2. Game night

Bring out the card games, board games, drinks, and snacks, and have a blast!

3. Family Dinner

Take turns cooking or even have a potluck. Invite a few friends over and have an intimate “family dinner.” Enjoy good food and conversation with those you care about.

4. Exercise

Get those endorphins flowing! Exercise can be fun especially if you have some friends along with you. Go to the gym, out for a swim, a walk around the block, ride bikes, do some yoga or pilates. 


Have or attend any parties!!! I know it’s fall semester and we are all glad to be back on campus, but please do not go to or throw any parties. It is not worth risking your life nor others as well as any disciplinary actions your school may take. Trust me I miss parting as much as the next person, but our lives and well-being are so much more important.


Join a club! Make new friends, build a support group, have new experiences. Personally, I only recently joined Her Campus and I couldn’t be happier. It is so nice to find a group of people that you can instantly become friends with and develop an amazing support team. I recommend any reader look into joining Her Campus on your own campus or even start one if your university doesn’t have one. If writing isn’t your thing don’t lose faith, there are plenty of clubs for everyone so I’m sure your perfect club is right around the corner. 


Be afraid to stand outside of the crowd and break away from your comfort zone. We all change and grow as life goes on, and this pandemic has helped many of us grow and better discover who we are as individuals. What was for you pre-pandemic might not necessarily be for you now. Don’t be hesitant to acknowledge that you have outgrown certain activities or even people. That is a part of life. If everything stayed the same we’d never be able to move forward. 


Take a self-care day! Your mental/emotional health is just as important as your physical health. Grab a friend (or make it a solo day) and take a day to simply step back and relax. Drink some water, go get your hair and nails done, try different face masks, have a picnic, relax in a hammock, paint...do whatever helps you relax, just make sure you leave all the stress and work behind (at least for the day).


**As I mentioned earlier, we still are in the middle of a pandemic so safety is the most important. During all of these activities make sure you physically distance as much as possible and wear a mask! **

I hope these tips help you maintain a social life during these difficult times. It’s not ideal but we should still make the most of what we do have.  Follow @hercampusut for more! :)

Amanda is a double major in English and Philosophy with a minor in Law. Even though she plans to eventually become a lawyer, Amanda has always been a writer at heart. She loves adventure and trying new things. In her free time you can find her traveling, bingeing a new show, writing, or relaxing in her hammock with a nice book. To keep up with all of Amanda’s new adventures follow her on instagram @_unapologeticallyamanda
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