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DIY: Easy Zombie Makeup

Let’s face it; zombie is the new vampire. Although I enjoy watching Twilight and Vampire Diaries (Ian Somerhalder…need I say more?) as much as the next girl, I think that vampires are way too overemphasized in the media. Zombies need some loving, too; and they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. With Halloween literally just around the corner, I recently decided to wear my old hooters work uniform and dress up as a zombie hooters girl. What’s great about being a zombie for Halloween is that you can wear whatever costume that you own along with it.

It just makes a costume more unique (even the ever so basic sexy black cat). Just add some fake blood, and you’re good to go! Although there are some awesome professional zombie makeup tutorials out there, it’s not necessary to use them. Most of us aren’t professional makeup artists and don’t have money to buy expensive makeup products, anyway. Here is a quick and easy zombie makeup tutorial that I came up with, using drugstore makeup and essentials from a local halloween store.      


What you need:

1. Fake blood

2.  Wound tattoos

3.  Wet n’ Wild (or your favorite drugstore makeup brand) smokey eye eyeshadow palette

5. False lashes



Using a large pair of scissors, cut holes in your outfit/costume to achieve a more tattered look (you are a zombie, afterall)



Since I went for a more sexy look, I kept the eye makeup pretty dark (even though actual zombies are suppose to look lifeless) by using lots of black eyeliner. I also decided to create a smokey eye, in which I used black, grey, and white eyeshadows. If you don’t know how to create a smokey eye, there are plenty of easy tutorials on YouTube. And of course, you can’t forget the fake lashes!  


Finished Look:

Use the fake blood to pour all over your chest and face (more specifically, your forehead, mouth and neck) and tattoo the fake wounds on your chest and arms. Now, all that’s left to do is eat some brains! ;)

I'm a senior Journalism major and Communications minor at the University of Tampa. Born and raised in New Jersey, I naturally gravitated to the sunshine state. Career goal: magazine writer/editor. I'm the campus cutie/celeb editor for Her Campus at my school. Besides that, I'm obsessed with anything Disney and enjoy working out at the gym, going to yoga, shopping, watching movies and going out with friends, as well as long walks on the beach. Some of my guilty pleasures include anything peanut butter, pina coladas, the Lion King movie, Jacuzzis, and tattoos. Fun fact: I still can't swim.
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