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So… I am currently going through it. Like really through it. My boyfriend is doing his master’s program in England, about 4,400 miles away, and my best friend is studying abroad in Spain, which is almost 5,000 miles away from where I am right now. Not only is that physical distance tough, but both of them have significant time differences (five and six hours). I don’t think that anyone can truly be prepared for this kind of long distance, but the added factor that the two people closest to me are so far away is something that has been surprisingly difficult. So how do I do it?

There’s been lots of tears, I’m not going to lie. Navigating a relationship, specifically a newer one, is already complex without the distance, but adding 4000+ miles really puts everything in perspective and allows you to really work on aspects of your relationship that you maybe wouldn’t have if you were in person. Communication is truly the key to a successful relationship, and making sure that me and my boyfriend spend scheduled quality time with each other at least once a week is vital. Of course, we talk on the phone every day and Facetime when we can, but having at least one time a week for a sit-down activity or film has really helped us stay connected. Making plans to see each other is another thing that has really helped with the distance. We’ve spaced out and planned the next couple of visits so that we have something to look forward to and anticipate.

Although the distance from my best friend is difficult, we’re mostly used to it since she goes to a university about 300 miles away from me regularly. Our friendship has really solidified over the internet through the Covid years as well, so while the time difference is difficult, our friendship has prevailed through so much already that our communication is ironclad.

Distance is hard, folks, but day by day, it gets easier and more manageable, and every day that passes is a day closer to seeing my favorite people again.

Daniela Osorio is a third year Musical Theatre and Communications double major at the University of Tampa. She is passionate about the arts and loves music. She hopes to pursue a career in the arts after she graduates. She is an aquarius so she loves to be creative and free-spirited. :)