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Is Cheating Getting Worse?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

Everyone has their own opinions about relationships and, of course, their own experiences. One question that has been brought to my attention is: has cheating gotten worse? My own answer is yes, and I will tell you exactly why.


Being young and twenty, you are experiencing the sweet beginning of adulthood and real-life experience. I know your mother says boys mature with age, but let me tell you this is not always the case, honey. Especially in today’s society, people are bombarded with temptation. College is its own stressful situation to begin with, and when you add a relationship, even a long distance relationship; things can get pretty rocky. I have numerous stories where one of my girlfriends gets hurt by a pathetic guy who didn’t treat her right. Parties and clubs are two big factors. Guys don’t know what they want and when they want something in the moment. So, they go for it.


We all have our own experiences with our significant other, but we can admit certain things from previous relationships carry over to the next. For example, trust issues, a girl’s weakness. From personal experience, I have had terrible luck with relationships. I’ve been lied to, lead on, and even cheated on. There are times where I carry over my past bad experiences with boys over to the next, but then I realize, they’re not the last boy I dated. He’s a different one, and I’m giving him another chance, but some girls don’t realize until it’s too late. This is especially hard to grasp since cheating is now and extremely common trend among many young men.


I know I sound like a complete downer about relationships, but that’s not the case at all. Yes, distractions are out there, and yes, boys will sometimes hurt you, even though you never thought he would. But even in an awful society, there is still hope. So, even if you also think cheating is becoming more common like I do, always remember there is someone out there who is going to treat you the way you deserve to be treated. As cheesy as this sounds, I’m telling this to you, the reader, you’re an amazing person. Never let a heartbreak hold you back from what you truly deserve. My advice is take your time with relationships because you’ll find the right one, and if that’s not during college, then that is perfectly okay. You got your whole life ahead of you, girl.

Caity Berk, Former Campus Correspondents, is a current Senior at the University of Tampa, studying Marine Science & Biology with a minor in Environmental Sciences. She loves onion rings, dark chocolate, and empowering women. When she finally decides to grow up, Caity wants to work with people and help them understand the importance of the natural resources that surround us