Celebrate Black History Month with your Dollars!

There’s no better way to celebrate Black History Month than to highlight the many great black businesses that exist, both online and locally. Putting your money into these businesses helps not only small businesses grow, but also supports black artists and entrepreneurs. This, in turn, helps communities, especially those that are disproportionately affected by economic inequality.


Here’s a list of some great Instagram-based Black-owned businesses that carry quality and trendy products.


By Zeena: earrings, necklaces and sunglasses http://www.zeenaxena.com/p/shop.html

UK Blogger Zenaib, better known as Zeena, is popular for her carefully curated Instagram feed. Her beautiful travel posts highlight not only great vacation spots but also an amazing and colorful wardrobe. Her way of finishing up the perfect outfit? Pair it with elegant accessories. Her new line of accessories is full of amazing pieces that make your outfit that much better. Plus, it’s not just necklaces and earrings- she has really cool sunglasses. Even better- she ships to the U.S.


Annifaras The Label: gold body butters, bikinis/bodysuits/ waistbeads https://annifaras.com

This entrepreneur from the Ivory Coast is anything but regular. She started off her business after recovering from a 3-month illness that left her stuck in bed. From co-ord sets to body butters containing pure gold flakes to even lip glosses, Annifaras The Label continues to bring quality products to the table. This year, Sarafina Ashley, the founder, has shifted her focus towards sexy lingerie. She uses her culture from back home and the sensual shape of the female body to design amazing lace teddies, chain bras, and panties. If that is too much for you, you can check out her waist beads- a design inspired by the fashion and culture of Côte D’Ivoire.


Juvia’s Place: makeup https://www.juviasplace.com

You’ve probably heard of this brand if you’re a makeup addict. These palettes are known for their gorgeous, rich colors. Eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, blushes, lips and even brushes, Juvia’s Place is a celebration of vibrant colors. In fact, it’s a celebration of the beauty behind each individual African culture- hence why the original boxes are decorated with the image of the iconic Queen Nefertiti. Most amazing though is the founder of Juvia’s Place. Chichi Eburu is a Nigerian-born businesswoman and mother of two who has managed to change the makeup industry. Before Fenty could make other makeup companies realize they were lacking in diversity, Juvia’s Place catered to making black women feel and look beautiful.


Wavy Wednesday: art – framed prints & t-shirts https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtByWednesday?ref=seller-platform-mcnav?utm_medium=social&utm_source=linktree&utm_campaign=etsy+store

This Pittsburgh artist actually specializes in artwork that tackles modern-day racism. In fact, her latest installation was titled “Protect Black Woman”, a series of paintings highlight the microaggressions black women face daily.

Her edgy take on pop culture is colorful, daring and smart. You can check out her Etsy shop, where she sells prints of her portraits, along with a t-shirt of one of her designs.


Mattebrand: luxury, trendy clothes https://shopmatte.com

Forget Fashion Nova. Mattebrand is the sleek, sexy brand you need in your closet. Created by Briana Wilson, this luxurious yet edgy take on street and club wear was built to make you stand out in the most minimal yet chic way. Leather tight pants, peek-a-boo thongs, even lace bodysuits, Mattebrand is worth the price tag. Instagram baddie approved.


Body By Raven Tracy: bikinis https://bodybyraventracy.com/password

This is actually a new line of bikinis created by an Instagram model herself. Tired of seeing clothing lines cater to only a limited amount of sizes and body types, Raven created Body By Raven Tracy, a set of bikinis that came in a wide range of sizes without substituting beauty or comfort for any of those individual sizes. The campaign for these bikinis shows that just about anyone can rock Body By Raven. Currently out of stock, the bikini line will soon be coming out with something spicy for Spring/Summer 2019.


Jim + Henry: all natural hair products for curly/afro-texturized hair https://blkgrn.com

You can’t list amazing black-owned businesses without listing one for hair care. Based in the UK, Jim + Henry is an all natural hair brand dedicated to making your curls pop. They pride themselves in only carrying eight essential ingredients in their products, all of which are natural.

The great thing is that they carry products that help with different textures, so whether you have loose curly hair or tight, kinky coils, Jim + Henry has something for you.