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Campus Cutie: Robert Rantapere

Relationship status: Taken

Favorite pick-up line: “I love your eyes, not just how they look, but how they look at me.”

Interests: “Sports …learning new ideas or theories and expanding my knowledge.”

Music taste: “Anything I can sing along to.” His favorite artist is the band Envy.

Dream date: He prefers somewhere close to water with a pleasant view, but doesn’t need to be elaborate or intricate. The date only needs two people, who enjoy each other’s company and can share the moment together.

Girls fashion trend you dislike: “I don’t like when girls wear short shorts or cropped tops because it makes guys look at them as objects.” 

Describe yourself in three words: “Kind, an achiever and determined”

Who is your celebrity crush?: “Mila Kunis”

What is the best feature a girl can have?: “Soft lips and a sense of humor ….someone who can laugh at my jokes–even if they aren’t funny.”

Who do you admire?: “My grandparents. They have lived their lives to the fullest and have been very successful. I want to be as happy as them one day.”

Favorite place to go in Tampa: “The hockey arena at the Tampa Bay Forum.”

Pet peeve: “Lying, and when girls say they don’t look good.”

What did you learn from being in the military?: “I learned a lot about myself, and received more leadership experience being a 2nd lieutenant. I realized my values and I got to know more people that I otherwise would have never met.”

What do you miss about Finland?: “Even though it’s cold, I miss the variation in nature and the different seasons.”

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