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Campus Cutie: Gina Bartolone

Name: Gina Bartolone

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Major: Communications

Favorite memory at UT: Two memories because I can’t decide. First, probably meeting my first friends here at school, Mollie Sosa and Emma Trodella. Those two are still my best friends to this day. Second, is going to Cass Bar. So many good memories there. Man, I miss that place.

Favorite part of Wisconsin: Summerfest! It’s the world’s largest music festival. Everyone should go at least once, it’s amazing.  

If you could be on any reality TV show, which show would you pick and why? Jersey Shore. Don’t kill me. But they literally have a blast whenever they go out.

Favorite song right now? Definitely Jealous by Nick Jonas. But I hate how he rhymes hellish and jealous. I’m also OBSESSED with DJ Carnage.

Best advice you’ve ever received: “You do you Gina”

Hidden talents: I’m actually really good at cooking and baking. Coming from a Sicilian family I know so many recipes.  

Favorite place to relax and unwind: The beach. Especially Siesta Key Beach, the sand is like flour.

Favorite type of wine: Obviously any brand of White Zinfandel.

What are you best known for? Having a great time when I go out. I have serious FOMO, so you’ll probably always catch me out somewhere.

Something not many people don’t know about you: I went to an all girls, catholic high school. By senior year I was so done.

Dream car: White Jeep Wrangler. I want to take all the doors and everything off, those things are so cool.

Dream vacation: Italy! I’m 100% Italian and I’ve still never been there. Embarrassing.

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