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Campus Cutie: Dan Banks

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.


Age: 21 

Classification: Junior

Hometown: Suffield, Connecticut 

Major: Business Management 

Relationship status: Single, but on the prowl!

Favorite pick-up line: “Roses are red, violets are blue.. please love me!”

Music taste: Folk rock; favorite band is Fleetwood Mac

Who is a person you admire?: “My grandfather because he joined the military and started a life for himself at a young age. He also overcame the struggles of poverty and now has his own company.”

Who is your celebrity crush?: “Definitely, Blake Lively.”

Best feature a girl can have: “Pretty eyes are a great physical feature, but she also has to be spontaneous and affectionate. Definitely, not someone who is high maintenance.” 

Favorite place to go in Tampa: Oxford Exchange and Yard of Ale 

Plans after graduating: “After graduating I want to take time and travel around South America. After that, I plan to move back home and work for the family business, which is a golf course.”

Five words to describe yourself: Sarcastic, easy-going, motivated, ignorant, and extremely sexy 

Most embarrassing moment:  “The most embarrassing moment happened when I was at the Ritz Carlton. I was running through the lobby in my birthday suit.. if you know what I mean.”