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Campus Celebrity: Ricky Hart

This week’s campus celebrity is a familiar face to many people on campus. 22-year-old management major, Ricky Hart, goes out of his way to try to help everyone, all while balancing a full load on his plate. If you are one of the select few not to know Ricky, I suggest you find him ASAP because he will put a smile on your face in no time. 

Ricky is currently a first semester senior at UT from Atlanta, Georgia. Although he is from Atlanta, there are so many things he loves about Tampa. From the Hillsborough River to the friendly people of Florida, he enjoys it all. His favorite part of UT is the welcoming faculty and students on campus. UT is the college he ended up at because he immediately fell in love with it. It is not too far from home for him, which is another added bonus. Many people know him because of how involved he is on campus. For starters, he is a Public Relations Assistant for the Admissions Office, where he leads tours to prospective students. Aside from that, he is the secretary for Diversity Fellowship. It does not stop there! Ricky is the President of his fraternity, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, which he takes pride in. When asked what changes he would like to see at UT, he gave a great answer.

“I would like to see more support and school spirit. Not just school spirit at sports games, but support between organizations. We all need to be able to support each other and come together”, said Hart. 

As for a change he would like to see in the world, Ricky had a similar approach. He wants to see more people helping others. He believes people spend their time complaining about problems when instead they should be working to fix these issues. In his eyes, if more people started making the changes they wished to see, the world would be a better and happier place for everyone.

Although Ricky is a star, he has one set back to him. He believes he doesn’t have enough time for himself because he is always helping others. “My biggest downfall is that I try to help everyone that I possibly can. I have a hard time saying no to people. This takes away from having time to do things for myself”, said Hart.

When Ricky is not helping others, he does have some time for him to do things he enjoys. He likes the simple things in life like sleeping and relaxing. He also enjoys going shopping and washing his car, which is his prized possession. Working with kids is something he considers himself good at, and he really enjoys being able to be around them. 

To the topic all of us girls have been wondering about: love life. Ricky’s celebrity woman crush is Ariana Grande. When asked to describe his ideal girl, he said his girlfriend, Shandra Washington. Aww, how cute! He also said he likes a girl with confidence, laughs at his corny jokes, a pretty smile and a positive thinker. He believes confidence is key and that all girls shouldn’t be afraid to be themselves. When it comes to turn offs in a girl (Ricky had me laughing). He doesn’t like when girls have “half @$$ manicures”, which is chipped nail polish. (Maybe it’s time I finally get mine done…) He also doesn’t like girls with fake hair or girls who wear too much makeup, because he does not like surprises. Yikes!

Hopefully this helped you get to know how amazing Ricky Hart is if you didn’t already know. Next time you see this smiling face on campus, make sure to stop and say hi. Who knows, he could be a real celebrity one day!

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