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Campus Celebrity: Randy Lallkissoon


Meet this week’s Campus Celebrity, Randy Lallkissoon.

He is a Communications major who could not be happier here at UT! Communications has not always been Randy’s major of choice. Throughout his changes in schools, his major has changed as well. When he started school at Marymount Manhattan, his first major was Writing for Media Studio. As he progressed to Norwalk College, Fairfield Univeristy, Sacred Heart University, and to UT, it changed from Writing to Music Practice to Music Voice to Musical Theater and finally Communications. Now, it’s Communications because it will provide him a broad range of careers so he can focus on a vast knowledge of things, and still be close to music and theater.

On campus, Randy is a Resident Assistant, an Office Assistant in Res Life, and a brother of Phi Mu Alpha. He chose to join Phi Mu Alpha because he thought it wasn’t like a normal fraternity, it seemed much more than that. 

“They are weird, and I’m weird, so it worked. I connect with them, and was able to find a place where I felt good. They all bring something new to the plate because they are talented people with distinct and unique personalities” said Lallkissoon. 

While in Phi Mu Alpha, Randy has had the opportunity to serenade the Dean of Students, Stephanie Russell-Krebs, as well as countless girls on Valentine’s Day.

Randy is a Resident Assistant on the sixth floor of Vaughn. Visiting his floor is like stepping into a different world. Randy doesn’t make the ordinary door tags that slide by inspections. Instead, he goes above and beyond; incorporating themes based on the month and decorating his entire floor. Without a doubt, his best month was October when the hallway was Hogwarts themed, and each door had their own acceptance letters. At Christmas time, he made every door individual holiday colored chains with decorative balls and snowflakes with his resident’s faces on them hanging from the ceiling.

When asked why he wanted to be an RA, he told Her Campus, “I have always been a people person. As weird as it may sound, I have wanted to be an RA since high school. It is an intriguing idea being in charge of 50-100 people, and it puts things into perspective. I like getting to know people, even the crazy ones.” He isn’t just an RA to his residents, but to others as well. Many students go to Randy when they need advice, and he goes out of his way to ensure those around him are taken care of. 

For those of us who know Randy well, we all know he has a love for music; a passion he has had since he was a toddler. There is always music playing his room, and you can catch him humming or singing bits of pieces of his latest obsession. To him, it’s not just music; it’s its own language, feeling, and emotion. He is able to think of a song for every emotion and event he experiences. For every person he meets, he assigns a song to them. In fact, my song is Realize by Colbie Calliat. He has seen over seventy-five Broadway shows with his top five being Wicked, Aida, Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, and Next To Normal.

After graduation, Randy will either partake in a Disney internship he turned down to complete school, or move back to New York to work for a public relations firm and audition in his free time. Either way, he has a plan. One of which will lead him to bigger things in his life where he will defy gravity.

Emily Schonaerts is currently a Junior at the University of Tampa where she is studying Criminology and Psychology. While a St. Louis native and natural red head, she currently calls Orlando her home. When not focusing on academics, Emily can be found with her Alpha Chi Omega sisters crafting and promoting Greek unity or protecting the campus as a Desk Assistant at Campus Safety and Security.If not seen on campus, Emily can be found at Disney's Hollywood Studios giving tours into the movies at The Great Movie Ride! While only a part time Tour Guide, you can bet she is full of knowledge and fun facts about Disney and The Great Movie Ride-which is in fact a ride.Being a Junior means it is almost time to become a real adult, but for now, nothing is better than being an almost adult while still trying to figure out how to make a Criminology degree like a degree in Forensics."And I'll see you at the movies, the stuff dreams are made of."
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