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B*tch, I am the sun, and no, not in a narcissistic way. Yes, you read that right so please allow me to explain.


I am the sun because I am the essential light that shows up for myself everyday.

I am the sun because I am the thoughts in my head that have the ability to warm (or burn) myself everyday.

I am the sun because I am the soul in my body that experiences this life everyday. 


I believe that we were all put on this earth to fulfill a unique purpose or journey for the highest good, and to be able to fulfil that purpose we must be the absolute best versions of ourselves. 

***DISCLAIMER: I am in no way, shape, or form, saying we all need to be perfect. Actually, it’s quite the opposite of that.***


My life mantra is ‘perfect imperfections’. We as humans all have flaws, but learning to accept our flaws and be kind to them is essential. To love ourselves through the good and the bad. To grow from mistakes instead of getting caught up over them. To know that our past is a chapter of our story but not our complete novel.


Furthermore, we will never reach our full potential trying to be like someone else. Doing something that doesn’t set your soul on fire will only hinder your light. So yes, showing up for yourself every damn day like the sun shows up for the earth makes the world of the difference.


I invite you everyday to incorporate three “I Am” statements about yourself. Whether you journal them, meditate on them, or put them on sticky notes simply by getting that light into the universe you will spark a change!


Kate is a Junior at the University of Tampa. Studying Sports Management, she is a big advocate for women in sports. A Minnesota-native turned Floridian, she enjoys spending her time traveling, trying new foods, and changing her outfit for everything and anything. To keep up with her beach trips, sporting events, and food favs follow her on Instagram @simplicikate
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