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Original photo by Natalie Soldatova

Boston – A City to Fall in Love With

Last year in September I got a chance to visit Boston with my family. Honestly, I fell in love with the city and its atmosphere very quickly.

The main reason for my trip to Boston was to visit different colleges since at that time I was working on my college applications, but also because Boston was just one of the destinations I always wanted to visit.

I have spent three full days in Boston and besides college tours, I still had one full day to explore the city.

Once we landed in Boston in the afternoon and checked in to our hotel, I was eager to go to explore the city right away at least for a while before jet lag would kick in, since we arrived from Europe. 

We walked around Boston Common park and Beacon Hill,  which is one of the popular areas in Boston with beautiful architecture and neighborhoods that you definitely cannot miss. I remember just walking around there and being amazed by how peaceful and colourful the area was. We walked through different streets back to Boston Common and even though it was just a short walk around, I already felt so in love with the city. It was also a sunny day and the weather was pretty warm.

The last day when we had a whole day to explore Boston was my favourite because that was when I got to see all the parts of Boston I had on my list. 

[bf_image id="xbgpnjkqchnm7qkmjr83q6"]

We started to walk across Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park to the Rose Kennedy Greenway. There were a lot of restaurants along the way and people enjoying the sunny afternoon. Also I remember there was a fitness class going on with a group of people and the  atmosphere just felt so happy and positive. Of course by that time I already took about hundreds of pictures, trying to capture every moment. 

After we walked around this area, we took our car and got close to Newbury street and Boston Public Garden. This was actually our last spot in Boston that we visited and it was my most favourite one.

The atmosphere there just did not let me stop from smiling. One of the cute things that happened to us there was when a squirrel would not stop following us since we had some nuts left from Starbucks and the squirrel really was not scared to get close to us at all. 


[bf_image id="6vwkqqbjcp6snnpkpn9926"]

The park was pretty crowded and there was so much happening. We saw three wedding photo shoots! People were sitting on the grass talking and having picnics, musicians singing at different parts of the park, people walking their dogs around, people learning how to play guitar… basically doing all different kinds of stuff. It felt like a smaller version of Central Park in New York City and I heard people telling me that Boston is like New York but way smaller obviously. I could see some similarities but of course each city has its own magic.

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Boston is such a beautiful city. Especially in September when the weather was just perfect. Even though I spent just a few days in Boston, the city quickly became one of my favourites. If you get a chance to visit Boston, definitely go. I hope I will come back there one day and make even more memories!


Natalie is a sophomore at the University of Tampa, currently as a Journalism major. She is from Prague in the Czech Republic and loves to write, do yoga, travel and explore the city with her friends.
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