Best Study Spots on Campus (The University of Tampa)

As the end of the semester approaches more of us will begin to study. Here’s a list of the study spots around our campus, here at the University of Tampa.


  1. If you need quiet (AF)
    1. The library
      1. Cubicles to study in, the lighting will definitely keep you wide awake
      2. Comfy seating in the back with
  2. If you’re a people person
    1. Vaughn Courtyard
    2. Vaughn Lobby – same as outdoor but with AC
  3. If you can only get work done in loud ambiance
    1. Starbucks
  4. If you need a hidden outdoor gem
    1. Sykes Business
      1. Two sides to choose from
    2. Palm Courtyard
      1. You don’t need an ID to access this
      2. Residents walk and play with their doggies here
    3. McKay:
      1. The lawn out by the BBQ grills
      2. Although this is in front of the doors to McKay’s community room (and beach volleyball court) it’s furthest from the center of the campus, has a lovely view of downtown and a very calming feel
    4. Behind the library
      1. There’s like two tables out there but you can bring a blanket
  5. If you need low lighting to watch a movie
    1. The Rathskeller – great subs here too!
    2. Spartan Club – on the second floor, you can play pool here!
  6. If you live on campus
    1. Jenkins: 2nd-floor lounge and the two rooms in the 11th
      1. Not to mention in front of the laundry room, those stools are comfy!
    2. Palm: There’s three in each floor!
    3. Austin: Conference room or game room on the 1st floor.
    4. Morsani: 2nd-floor kitchen (across from the laundry room), or outdoor area by the soccer field.
    5. Vaughn: Spartan Club (on top of the grill)
    6. McKay: The big study room in the community room.
    7. Boathouse: Outside the boathouse or at the Riverwalk
    8. Smiley: Much space in the newly renovated community rooms.
    9. Straz: Lobby and conference areas (the one by the TV and the one by the laundry room)
    10. Urso: The separate room on the first floor

That is all! Hope this was helpful :)