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Best Friends Pair Halloween Costumes

The countdown to Halloween has started! It’s starting to finally feel like fall in Florida, so that means the holiday is coming soon. It’s time to think outside of the box from the sexy Halloween costumes, and instead come up with something to wear with your best friend. Have no ideas, here is a list of ten costume pairs to get you started!


Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus

You get the “Best of Both Worlds” with this duo costume set.


Elsa and Anna

Go “build a snowman” and “let it go” this Halloween as Disney princess sisters!


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

These two presidential running mates are a hot topic right now, and for sure to be a classic look this Halloween. Need inspiration for how to get the look perfect? SNL costume department has it perfect.


Mario and Luigi

We loved these two during our childhood, so why not wear a throwback costume with your bestie?

Thing 1 and Thing 2

You can literally wear any matching outfit you want as long as you put the words “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” on the outfits.


Devil and Angel

In this situation, you have to pick who is going to the good one, and who is very naughty.


Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez

These celebrity besties are stars shinning bright in just like you and your best friend. While you are getting ready for your Halloween, “shake it off” together and sing some of the best hits by these artists.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

A Disney classic pair; this is a great costume set to show off both of your loves for the mouse!


Dancing Girls Emoji

Your Instagram caption for this costume picture just has to be the emoji inserted twice. #simple #easy



You two can talk all night to each other in any language you want when you are dressed like yellow tic-tacs.


You and your best friend do not have any of these clothing items and accessories in your closet? No fear! It’s time to go discount shopping at either Walmart, Target, or a local Tampa “thrift shop” and pop some tags. Thank you for reading all of my cheesy song title puns in this article. I just had to do it. Happy Halloween season, and I hope you have a fun and safe night with your best friend in your perfectly complimented/matching costumes!


Jennifer McElroy is currently a Senior earning a degree in Communications and a double minor in Advertising and Applied Dance. She has resided in Florida for most of her life and lives in the sunny and beautiful Sarasota. When Jennifer is not in dance rehearsals or stuck in her room doing homework, she enjoys going to the gym, shopping, spending quality time with friends, and eating cookies.
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