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The Best Fake Eyelashes from the Drugstore

I’ve been an active fake eyelash wearer since I was 16, so that’s four years now! I think I can confidently say that I’ve been through it all when it comes to lashes. I’ve had to deal with different brands, styles, and especially prices.

Sure, brands like Huda or Velour have very luxurious lashes, and they are beautiful don’t get me wrong- BUT there are lashes for half those prices that still have you looking just as good!

Here are the top TWO I’ve found over the past 4 years that will have you looking fly AF without breaking your bank!


Brand: Kiss

Style: Shy (Everyday Look)

Price: $8.85 – 5 pack!



Yes, you’re reading this right… 5 PAIRS OF LASHES FOR $9

This is almost impossible in the lash world, usually, ONE pair is $9… This is my #1 choice when it comes to fake eyelashes, and I can 100% vouch for them because I wear them every single day! They are a natural-looking pair but adds just the right amount of length and volume for everyday wear. If you take care of these, you can wear them up to 10 times. And because there are five in the pack, it lasts me almost 3 months! It’s crazy I know, but go give them a try – you won’t regret it.


Brand: Ardell

Style: Mega Volume (Going out / Dramatic Look)

Price: $4.69



This pair is perfect for a night out, or if you’re just trying to do a dramatic look. They are double stacked, so it gives you twice as much volume, without looking toooooo crazy. When I first tried these on, I thought it would be heavy on my eyes, but it’s not! It feels the same as my other natural pair. These lashes will definitely make you stand out in a crowd, and all eyes will be on you (and your eyes)!

Esther Cho

Tampa '20

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