Beginners Guide Tips/Tricks To Starting College

College is the best few years for anyone; it defines who you are as you go into adulthood. Being a Chicago native, I never imagined I would be going to school far away, yet here I am at the University of Florida! Here are a few tips and tricks that helped me, as a newbie in the sunshine state and a transferee, adjust to college life so far from home.


Tip #1: Get Involved!

I cannot express this enough. The more you get involved, the faster it is to find friends from all different groups. One of the first organizations I joined just happened to be her campus. And with the fantastic group of girls I met, I don't think I would be as confident in my college life. I even joined a scuba/snorkel club that I wasn't sure about, but snorkeling is one of my new favorite hobbies, and I now have a bunch of marine bio friends.

Tip #2: Don't hesitate to speak up

My friends and I all have our funny stories of being too shy and getting lost and ending up in the wrong class. I had a course specifically for transfer students and showed up on the wrong day and sat for 30 minutes in a Japanese learning class! The best story I have hands down, and I still can't explain to anyone why I stayed so long before realizing it wasn't my class. Everyone has been new at some point, so it won't hurt to ask the first person you see. They will be more than happy to help you, and it will save you from any first-day awkwardness

Tip #3: Intern!!

I'm sure many high schools allow interning to help find the right job for you after school. However, I went to a high school that did not have that option for us. I would say this is by far the most helpful for me is to intern. I started college as a dental hygiene major. I was two years in before I interned and learned I couldn't care less for it. Now be an international business and marketing/management major and couldn't be happier. I am even thinking of going to grad school for business as well! Even if you are unsure of what you want to do, go to your academic advisor and narrow down some choices and research and intern for those. 

Tip #4: Be yourself

Don't pretend to be someone you're not to try and fit in and don't join anything if you know you have absolutely zero interest in it. Don't waste any time not being the real you. Let yourself be free in a new environment and become the strong person I know you'll be!