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Makeup is used by women and men all across the world to enhance or alter the beauty they already possess. However, for people of color, it can be a hassle to find brands that offer a variety of shade ranges or products that work well on brown skin. Brands like Fenty Beauty are game changers because they offer fifty foundation shades that include an assortment of colors for medium to dark skin tones. Although brands are now being forced to offer melanin friendly color options to keep up with their competition, not all brands are as inclusive.


There has always been an underrepresentation of women of color in the makeup industry. However, YouTube has been a platform that allows users to share their experiences with makeup and provide application techniques. Black women and men are now able to build a following and platform that helps to advocate for brands to consider all skin tones and not only focus on Eurocentric beauty standards. Influencers are also able to suggest brands that support diversity while creating tutorials that gives tips and tricks on how to properly apply it. Brands oftentimes even ask influencers to collaborate with them to improve their products!


A few influencers that I would suggest for women of color would be:

1.) Jackie Aina

Jackie is YouTuber and former makeup artist that was born and raised in Los Angeles California. She has made it her mission to advocate for African American’s representation in the beauty industry.

Watch her videos here!

2.) Nyma Tang

Nyma is a beauty vlogger that is originally from South Sudan. She didn’t get into the world of makeup or even wear makeup until she was twenty-one. She is known for her hashtag “#thedarkestshade” and the series that she created that tests the darkest shade a company makes on her deep skin complexion.

Watch her videos here!

3.) Alissa Ashley

Content creator Alissa Ashley is known for providing her massive following with tips and tricks on how to properly apply their makeup. She has experience in the makeup industry due to her

prior cosmetic retail job. Although she is a light-skinned woman, she is known for criticizing brands for not considering darker skin tones when they release new products.

Watch her videos here!


Fortunately, these are just a few influencers who are helping to improve diversity in the beauty industry! As long as content creators use their platform to force change, the industry will have no choice but to conform and make products that will work for everyone.

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