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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

Are you a woman interested in Law at the University of Tampa and looking to join something other than your classes relating to the topic? Then look no further! The Women In Law Club is the perfect fit for you! I sat down with the President of the club, Laci Norris, who is a Senior at the university, and she explained about the club and why you should become a part of it!

When was the club founded?

  • March 2023

What was the purpose of creating the club?

  • Create a resource for those interested in a career in Law.
  • Creating a supportive community fits Women in Law.

What are the milestones with this club?

  • We have a high number of members, enough executive positions, and great events

○ So the plan is to just continue on this path

Where do you envision this club in five years?

  • ●  Continues to grow and make a name for itself (great reputation)
  • ●  Have merch; a popular organization on campus

How are you going to take what you have learned being a leader and being a part of the club into the real world when you graduate this upcoming spring?

  • ●  Taking initiative/ putting yourself out there
  • ●  Not being scared to take risks
  • ●  Being mindful and organized

○ If I am unorganized, so is my entire club

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