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Good news for International students from Europe! 

A few weeks ago, the U.S. announced that it will finally open its borders for people traveling from Europe on November 8, which has been banned since March 2020.

People coming from Europe will have to show proof of their vaccination in order to be able to come to the U.S. and a negative Covid test, but according to the news, the rules are still being discussed.

This is great news for all the families and couples that have been separated for years, and also for me and my family, who live in the Czech Republic, since they can finally visit me in college again. We have already planned on spending time together in New York City on Thanksgiving which I’m really excited for. I’m happy that we can slowly come back to traveling together to our favourite places around the United States.

Even though flights from Europe may be still limited, airlines are slowly trying to get people to travel again.

Natalie is a sophomore at the University of Tampa, currently as a Journalism major. She is from Prague in the Czech Republic and loves to write, do yoga, travel and explore the city with her friends.
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