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A Crash Course On Intentional Cooking

Here’s a little witchy idea for you: try intentional cooking! It’s easy to get wrapped up in strictly eating to fuel yourself or even feel emotionally satisfied, but every meal feels so much more meaningful when you treat it as spiritual medicine. If you want to manifest love, prosperity, happiness, or anything your heart desires, I think doing so through your cooking process is such a beautiful way to bring these goals into fruition.

First, here are a few goals and ingredients you can use to achieve them:

Love: cinnamon, vanilla

Protection: basil, garlic, pepper, peppermint

Financial abundance: dill, cinnamon, ginger

Health: poppyseed, chamomile

When I’m using these ingredients, I always make sure I acknowledge their purposes, and I will them to infuse each dish with my intentions. It’s kind of like when you take medicine, and you are hoping for and expecting it to cure your symptoms. 

One of the simplest ways I love to do this is with cinnamon sticks. I stir them clockwise in my coffee or tea to attract what I am manifesting. So, if I am using the cinnamon to attract better health, I set my intention to cure an ailment, and I visualize this happening as I stir the cinnamon clockwise into my drink. If I was using it to repel negativity and protect myself, I would stir counterclockwise and imagine all negative influences leaving my life. 

I think this is a really beautiful ritual. It reminds me to slow down and express gratitude for the nourishment I’ve been provided with, and it really directs my energy to my goals. Even if the Law of Attraction doesn’t resonate with you, I would still wholeheartedly recommend trying this. It is so inspiring and really helps strengthen the perspective that you are in charge of the things that manifest into your life.

Jessie is a Music Tech major at the University of Tampa. She’s loves all things music, spirituality, plants, cooking, and astrology. Her favorite houseplant is golden pothos, her favorite crystal is labradorite, and she really wants to go to space someday. (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ♥
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