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The 8 Stages of MacDinton’s Happy Hour as Told by Spongebob Squarepants

Anyone who is anyone knows that one of the best and most popular bars in the Downtown Tampa area is MacDinton’s Irish Pub. They also know that one of their biggest events happens weekly on Fridays from 6-8pm, Happy Hour. Happy Hour consists of two hours of an all you can drink booze fest for the small fee of $10 per person. Good deal, right? Yeah, I think so too. Since I have turned 21, I have had my fair share of trips to MacDinton’s Happy Hour and have created many crazy and fun memories because of it. My love for Happy Hour is so grand, that I have decided to commemorate the 8 stages of Happy Hour as told by Spongebob Squarepants. Enjoy!


Stage 1: Getting ready

What you wear to Happy Hour is crucial. Seating is limited. So, you’ll most likely be standing the whole time. It can be hot outside. It can be cold inside. So many factors about going need to be taken into consideration, but the end result is you always looking cute as hell!

Stage 2: Waiting in line

Since Happy Hour is super popular amongst Tampa Bay’s young crowd, those who come from university or work are pining to let loose after a long week. The line gets pretty long while waiting to get in. So, make sure you show up a little early to get a good spot. Cups run out fast!!

Stage 3: Race til the clock stops!

Once you get in and get your cup, it’s go time. I quickly find a bar with the shortest line and get my first drink. It doesn’t last long until I am on to the next. After all, everyone only has two hours to get their money’s worth of drinks. Remember to tip your bartenders!

Stage 4: Socializing with friends

After everyone settles in and gets their drink, they reconvene with their friends and catch up with each other.

Stage 5: The music starts

Around 7pm, the music is usually turned up outside and the live bands starts playing inside. The outside music is usually playing the popular songs of the time, and inside is usually a live band playing more rock genre music. You can typically find me inside dancing to the live music.

Stage 6: Things start to get sloppy

Into the second hour, things start going from proper to loud and crazy. Everyone is feeling good and dancing. They’re most likely feeling themselves and letting lose. By this point there is no cute anymore. Its just girls screaming and laughing because they hear their favorite song or see someone they know.

Stage 7: Happy Hour ends, but the party doesn’t stop

Once Happy Hour ends, some decide to leave because they don’t want to pay for drinks, but most usually stay and keep partying. I usually stay for another hour because I am having too much fun busting a move on the dance floor.

Stage 8: Leaving MacDinton’s

When I am good and ready, my friends and I exit MacDinton’s and call an Uber. We are feeling good and laughing at the funny stuff that happened that night. Once I get back to my place, I immediately change into my PJ’s, have a snack, and pass out, dreaming about the fun night I had at MacDinton’s Happy Hour.

Professional napper.
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