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6 YouTubers at UT

1. Julia Boorse (julhippo):

With a whopping 40,000+ subscribers, Julia makes videos that vary from: tags and challenges, to interesting and funny skits about girls and boys, to public pranks.

2. Bobby Pantano (speakapparel):

Speak Apparel is a clothing line that Bobby co-owns. On his YouTube channel, he mostly posts skate/scooter/BMX videos and promos associated with the brand. The clothing is pretty cool, so make sure you check it out!

3. Ziona (zinonabinona):

Ziona is a beauty guru, whose content includes: makeup tutorials and routines, holiday outfit ideas and much more. Be sure to watch her eyebrow routine video because her brows are truly art…and those freckles? Beautiful.

4. Casey Budd (thecasefacee):

In addition to her passion for photography, Casey makes weekly vlogs that actually keep you interested. Her topics include: personal experiences, challenges, hauls, and really, just about anything you can think of!

5. Anna Gasztold (annagasztold1996):

Anna may not have very many subscribers, but she puts her quirky attitude, heart and soul into her fashion videos, tags and vlogs. You can tell she puts a lot of time and effort into her outfit lookbooks!

6. Sky Whitman (skywhitz):

Who would I be if I didn’t give myself a little self-promo? My videos are mainly weekly vlogs which include, but are not limited to: comedy skits, fashion and beauty videos, challenges, tags, and rants about popular topics.

Sky is a junior at The University of Tampa, majoring in Communications. Even though she was born in Maryland and goes to college in Florida, her heart will always be across the country in Los Angeles, California. Most of the time, you can probably catch her skating around campus on her longboard or clumsily walking into something while she's on her phone.
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