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6 Awkward Things About Flying Back to School

Just as 90% of the student population at UT, I am from the Northeast. Through my many travels to and from Tampa, I have come across several awkward situations that you are put in while flying. Sir, 

1. Often times there are people on your flight that you assume go to UT, but you don’t actually know. You don’t know whether or not to say something to them, so instead you get caught staring and immediately turn away.

2. There is nothing worse than having to sit next to a stranger on the plane. You are forced to make awkward small talk about something either one of you actually cares about.

3. Getting the window seat on the plane is great for artsy Instagram pictures, but not so fun when you have to get up to go pee.

4. When you finally gain the courage to go pee, somehow the plane manages to get sudden turbulence, and you are sent stumbling into a random person.

5. Once you finally find a comfortable position to fall asleep in, you are awoken, horrified to find that somehow you have cuddled yourself up to the old lady sitting in the seat next to you.

6. When all is said and done, you cannot wait to get out of the small confines of the plane. This, in itself, is a very large task. While trying to get your carry on bag out of the overhead bin, you are being pushed and shoved, and suddenly you feel like Simba when he is stuck in the stampede of antelope. 


Happy traveling! 

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Aurora O'Brien is a Junior at the University of Tampa majoring in Elementary Education. Born and raised in Boston, MA she came to Tampa to escape the snow and the cold. When she is not writing for HerCampus, you can find her binge watching Netflix, listening to everything and anything that has to do with country music, and dreaming of one day marrying Taylor Kitsch, aka Tim Riggins. A die hard Boston sports fan, she spends her time watching the Red Sox and the Bruins. No matter how far life takes her, she will always love that dirty water, and Boston will always be her home.
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