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5 Ways to Get OUT of the Friend-Zone

Ever had chemistry with one of your closest friends and felt that it was a path to something more? Sometimes you actually deny those feelings because you think how could that happen? I’m definately the friend zoned person. Well thats where we come in. Here are 5 ways to get out of the friend-zone: 

1)  You have to admit that they are more than just a friend, because saying it out loud is totally different than keeping it inside your head and that’s because we all have the habit of over-thinking some things and that leads to expectations.

2)  Be careful what you say because the simplest words can cause the greatest damage. Avoid using the words : “Brother, sister, just friends ..” etc. Because those words indicate that you friend zoned them again. But at the same time don’t be clingy all the time. Just be casual and go with the flow.

3) Girls, at first try to play the “hard to get” card because you don’t want to be all over the place because as we all know the quote “ easy come, easy go.” Guys, don’t be demanding and controlling. Don’t be afraid or embrassed to show and tell her how you feel. Sometimes that’s all what a girls need to hear or know. Do not rush into things, just give it time.

4) Let go of the negative thoughts and the “what if” moments. Just go with flow and see how it will end up. If it’s a path to something then that’s wonderful. If not then you didn’t ruin your friendship because at the end of the day you’re still good close friends but don’t over think it because that will lead to scenarios in your minds, expectation and sometimes even disappointments. Do not wait for anything to happen.

5) Get involved more in each other’s life. Do more stuff together, spend more time together, go out with his/her friends. Girls, don’t even think about saying the three words: I love you because that can flip the whole story. Guys, show her that you’re her one and only. Keep it simple but classy. Don’t make it so obvious because too much of something can make you crazy. 


Here are some quotes from girls/guys’s perspectives, keep in mind all of the names have been changed:

      “The best kind of relationships are the unexpected ones, the ones that start in a random way.” – Melissa*

      “I think breaking out of the friend zone is a really hard thing to do but sometimes it’s worth it because what’s more amazing then falling for your best friend.” – Nora*

      “Sometimes I feel that I might be stepping my boundaries and I don’t want to risk losing      her” – John* 

      “ There is a saying that “every girl needs a guy best friend”. I believe in that because in my opinion that’s the best kind of friendship that may turn into a successful relationship” – Sophia *

      “ Nothing beats a girl who knows you very well that she gets what you want to say before you even say it. Breaking out of the friend zone could be a great win.” – Nathan*

Finally, don’t expect anything because no one knows what the future has planned for us. Most importantly just go with flow, stop thinking and just follow your heart. It might be a big failure or a big success. It doesn’t really matter because like I wrote above, the best kind of relationships are the one that start unexpectedly. I’ve learned to always expect the unexpected because life can surprise you at weird times. 

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