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5 Things I’ve Learned at UT

As a junior and soon-­to-­be senior (WTF!?) there are quite a few things that I now know about UT that I wish I knew before coming here. It seems like just a week ago I was a scared little freshman, so I know what all of you underclassmen are going through. 
1. Beware of the frat boys
Sure, they dress well and can charm even the most unmerciful professors, but don’t let them fool you. Otherwise, you’re guaranteed to find yourself bingeing on Ben & Jerry’s icecream in bed while watching sad movies on Netflix for atleast a week (not like I’ve done that before).
2. Give the cab drivers exact change
Don’t even try to give them a five dollar bill if it’s three bucks. Most cab drivers won’t give you change back, but if they do, you are sure to get dirty looks throughout the car ride. You should always carry dollar bills on you, just to be safe.
3. Always carry an umbrella when walking to class
Florida’s weather is rather bipolar, especially in September; one minute you could be outside basking in the sun, then the next minute, you’re drenched in the pouring way. I learned that the hard way, so always keep an umbrella handy just in case.
4. Know how to order a sandwich at the caf
It’s not as easy as it sounds, trust me. First, you tell the sandwich ladies your bread, then your spread, meat and cheese, other condiments, then cold or pressed. If you mess up or get the order mixed up, you will regret it. I am now a sandwich ordering pro and all the sandwich ladies love me.
5. Having a car down here really is necessary
As a freshman, I didn’t realize how far everything was from the school, including the beach. Besides downtown, there isn’t much that is in walking distance. Cabs are expensive and UT, unlike many colleges, doesn’t offer a free shuttle system, so having your own car (or a friend who has a car) is clutch.
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I'm a senior Journalism major and Communications minor at the University of Tampa. Born and raised in New Jersey, I naturally gravitated to the sunshine state. Career goal: magazine writer/editor. I'm the campus cutie/celeb editor for Her Campus at my school. Besides that, I'm obsessed with anything Disney and enjoy working out at the gym, going to yoga, shopping, watching movies and going out with friends, as well as long walks on the beach. Some of my guilty pleasures include anything peanut butter, pina coladas, the Lion King movie, Jacuzzis, and tattoos. Fun fact: I still can't swim.
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