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5 Struggles of a 5-Week Break

Even though the idea of a long winter break seems great after a tough semester, it gets long and lonely once the holidays are done. While it is nice to relax a bit, we find ourselves missing our new home: Tampa! Here are five struggles of having a five-week winter break. 

1. Missing your college friends

While it is great to be back at home to spend time with family, old friends, and pets, you miss the memories and fun moments with the new people you have met at college. All those late night food runs and all-nighters together doing homework has created special bonds with your college pals.

2. Missing the Grille, Einstein’s, and DQ

Even though your fridge at home is stocked to the hills with holiday treats, you miss the instant gratification of grabbing your favorite bagel on the way to class. Opening the fridge and heating leftovers is more work than you want it to be. Can’t we just use a meal swipe and have our parents do it for us? 

3. You finished your favorite show on Netflix

You went home and had nothing to do except watch Netflix, but after a week and a half you finished all the seasons of your favorite show. Now what to do? The struggle is real.

4. No more warm weather

Snuggling up in layers of blankets while gulping down cups of hot chocolate is probably not keeping most of you Northerners warm. You are missing the Florida warmth and the ability to lie beside the pool in December. 

5. Being alone stinks

While UT is very generous in giving us a five-week winter break, most other universities (state schools) only give their students two to three weeks off. After all of the holidays are over, your other friends return to their respective universities and your parents go back work. Now what? You are home alone and missing all the events, friends, and activities at UT.

Time to start a count-down calendar till the second semester arrives!


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Jennifer McElroy is currently a Senior earning a degree in Communications and a double minor in Advertising and Applied Dance. She has resided in Florida for most of her life and lives in the sunny and beautiful Sarasota. When Jennifer is not in dance rehearsals or stuck in her room doing homework, she enjoys going to the gym, shopping, spending quality time with friends, and eating cookies.
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