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5 Outdoor Summer Date Ideas

It’s finally summertime! Either you are lounging away at the beach, working your butt off, or turning into a Netflix junkie like I am. I have to admit sinking into seclusion is quite enjoyable. No school, no people, no worries. Although, a few outings here and there never hurt anybody and would probably do us all some good. Here are five fun-filled summer date ideas that will be sure to get you off the couch, and make for some unforgettable memories. Whether you’re with your significant other, hanging with family and friends, or just flying solo, it is time to make Summer 2014 one for the books.

1. Stand-up paddle boarding

Originating from Hawaii in the 1960’s, stand-up paddle boarding has become a very popular activity lately. Board prices can be extremely expensive if you’re looking to own; however, for a single day of fun scroll through Groupon and score a great deal. There’s even paddleboard Yoga! Fun and exercise, could it get any better?

2. Kayaking

I personally have always wanted to try this! Enjoy the water and get up close and personal with nature, and even get a good workout in as a bonus. Whether on a lake, ocean, or even a daring waterfall, have an extraordinary adventure and get some amazing pictures in the process. Maybe the view will be so pretty that you won’t even need an Instagram filter. 

3. Have a picnic 

Spend a day at your local park or pack up and hit the beach for a good old-fashioned picnic. Bring a book and a blanket, kick back, and just relax. It’ll be nice to cross some things off your bucket list, but remember summer is also a time for regrouping. In no time school will be starting again, so enjoy the relaxation while you have it. Have fun, but get some rest as well. 

4. Go zip-lining 

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s you racing down a zip-line at an incredible speed. For the summer daredevils who have totally dominated all of the top roller coasters, soar to new heights and take on a zip-line challenge. How many people can say they’ve ridden through the air at speeds of up to a 100 mph? You could be the first that you know of.

5. Build a bonfire

A day at the beach followed by a sick bonfire is a must. Marvel at the sunset and bask in the comfort of your closest friends and family. Bonfires are very inexpensive and so much fun!


Hopefully these ideas will help you transform from a couch potato into a summer adventurer. Don’t waste these next few months sitting in the house. Have a good time and cross some events off of your bucket list. It is time to make some memories. Summer 2014 shouldn’t be like all the rest and you are the one to make sure of that! 



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Kyetra Bryant, or Kye for short is a Junior at The University of Tampa. She is the Social Media Director and a Staff Writer for her chapter. Kye was born in Germany, but has spent most of her life on the East Coast of the United States. She is pursuing a B.A. in Journalism, two minors in Spanish and New Media Production, and a Certificate in International Studies. In her meantime she loves to read and write articles or short stories. Her top three obsessions are music, manga and online shopping. She aspires to one day be a Travel Writer and published author. Feel free to follow her personal blog at curiouskye.wordpress.com or on Twitter @_KyeB.
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