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5 Movies That Give Unrealistic Ideas of Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

As freshmen, most of us have high expectations of a wild spring break partying on a beach for a week straight. Even though we are in Florida, land of the infamous “college spring break,” many of our bank accounts have not yet recovered from first semester. Here is a list of the top five movies that leave college students disappointed with their spring break reality. 

1. Spring BreakersIf you don’t have cash for spring break, you can always rob a diner? Spring Breakers depicts four college girls spontaneously robbing a diner for cash, and going to Florida. With the money they stole, they party on the beach, do drugs, and land themselves in jail…only to be bailed out by a sketchy drug dealer!

2. 22 Jump Street 

Who wouldn’t want to be paid to be a college student? An undercover drug bust job leads these undercover cops to a crazy spring break party that puts their lives at risk.

3. Piranha 3DPlot twist: having fun partying it up at spring break, when all of the sudden man eating piranhas come and attack you. The task of spring break turns from being a busy schedule of drinking and sleeping, to fighting off carnivorous piranhas.

4. Neighbors Neighbors presents the most unrealistic version of college, so why not exaggerate spring break as well? Maybe your adult neighbors living near wherever you party for spring break will join in on the fun as well…and not call the cops on you?

5. High School Musical 2 And then there is of course the high school version of spring break (A.K.A. summer), in which every student works at a country club, finds the love of their lives, has a beautiful voice, and can somehow sing on que at any time.

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Erin is a Freshman at the University Tampa who loves the warm weather. She is orignally from Conneticut but hates, really hates, the snow so she moved to Florida where she can enjoy the beach in January. Even though its binki season all year around Erin loves food. Especailly, candy and pizza. To be able to eat all day long Erin enjoys going to the gym and staying active through sports. IF she makes it through college Erin hopes to start her own business or work for a huge international company. Oh and she will be living on the beach and traveling the world whenever she has the chance.