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5 Black Artists You Need to Add to Your Playlist

Looking for some good music? Add these five artists to your playlist (if you haven't already.)


  1. Willow Smith (she/her)

I'm sure you’ve heard of Willow, not only for her career, but also because she comes from an artistically successful family, and obviously we were all bopping to “Whip My Hair” when it first came out. Now she makes music that falls under the genres of 

alternative R&B, experimental pop, neo soul, and hip hop EDM. Her music is a great addition to your playlist if you want to listen to something a little different.


  1. ChloexHalle (she/her)

This amazing sister duo has been gaining some fame recently (as they should). This lovely R&B pair came out with an incredible album last year called the “Ungodly Hour.” I'll be honest, I know that album from start to finish. I feel empowered, attractive, strong, and like I can do it all. 


  1. Flo Milli (she/her)

This rap artist received a lot of hate for being childish with her lyrics. I think she's being playful and confident. Her first album that came out in 2020 by the name of “Ho, why is you here?” Makes you feel confident in such a way that you don't even have to prove yourself because you're that boss. If you want to feel like you are ready to take anything and that you are IT. 


  1. Yemi Alade (she/her)

Alade is a Nigerian afropop and R&B singer. I discovered her music a few years ago and every time I listen to her I’m dancing around. She also speaks several languages and gained the name “Mama Africa” because of her talent to know so many languages and ability to communicate and gain traction across the continent. My favorite songs are “Daddy Oyoyo” and “Johnny.”

  1. Dianna Lopez (she/her)

I don't know about you but I love rock music. Dianna mixes rock, R&B, and pop music  to create her wonderful captivating and alluring melodies. Her songs make you feel like a fairy and a pirate at the same time.

Alondra is a bright, smiley, cow-loving student majoring in Psychology and minoring in both biology and philosophy. She is also a pharmacy technician and hopes to one day become a doctor. On her day to day she is running from one place to another and being vocal about her activism. Alondra tends to be a busy bee and also a social butterfly. When she's not busy you will find her in a hammock and hanging out with her friends or family. She is also a proud puertorican, a libra , a Halloween fanatic and a mom to a lovely pitbull mix named Bella Rose
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