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1) Write it down!

Studies have shown that if you write something down 3 times, you commit it to memory. Well… at least that’s what my Modern Art professor told us. In my experience, this does hold some truth. My study regimen is to read and make a review and then read again more thoroughly.


2) Change location

A switch in study location can reboot your focus and keep studying a little bit interesting. Try to pick a spot near a window. The natural light and bright colors can help keep your mind open. Also, the color green makes the mind work creatively, which can help with the studying

3) Teach it

If you can understand something enough to teach it then you clearly have a great grasp on what you are learning. Teaching it could also sort your thoughts into a way that you gain a better understanding of the material.

4) Online sources

Videos are super helpful. They go over material through a different perspective, one that might be more suitable to you and your understanding of the material. Khan Academy is a great source and for my science majors, Bozeman has good videos too.

5) Get an early start

The key to good grades is mainly good time management. If you have free time, get ahead of your work. Give yourself enough time to study. Avoid cramming and all-nighters at all cost. It’s not good for your mental health, stress levels and your grasping of the material.

Claudia is a sophomore at The University of Tampa. As a Bio major on the Pre-Med track she's got her head buried in books most of the time. When she's not studying Darwin's theory of evolution and calculating the yield of chemical reactions she loves to do anatomical sketches, take pictures for her IG, write short stories and get involved in as much volunteer work as she can. Being Puerto Rican she's got a lot of drive and passion that she puts towards her goal of becoming a Neonatal surgeon.
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