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3 underrated artists that you should be listening to

I listen to a variety of music, so I’ve discovered a lot of artists along the way. There are so many underrated and talented artists out there that have such a good vibe. I think they deserve a big shootout. Check them out! I promise you won’t be disappointed.


1. Brent Faiyaz

  • He gives off a chill R&B vibe, sorta similar to Miguel and Russ. He has such a soothing voice I just can’t get enough! My favorite song by him is Talk 2 U.


2. Gallant

  • Ugh, this manssss is amazing!!! He has that airy flow vibe and voice and he has so much passion when he sings. His beats are so unique to every song he has and every song gives you a different feeling. My favorite songs by him are Bourbon, Cave Me In, Doesn’t Matter, and Weight In Gold.


3. Majid Jordan

  • They’re becoming a little bigger but they still deserve to be recognized more. They’re signed with OVO Sounds (same label as Drake). They also have an R&B vibe but honestly, they have so many different kinds of songs, you’ll definitely find one you love. My favorite songs by them are Gave Your Love Away and OG Heartthrob.
Esther Cho

Tampa '20

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