3 Easy Healthy Breakfast & Snack Recipes

1. Banana Pancakes

You are going to need:

* oats

* 1 banana

* cinnamon (if you like)

* 1 egg

Combine everything in a bowl and add to a pan. Wait until it’s goldish to flip it. Enjoy your banana pancake with fruits, almond butter or anything you want!

2. Smoothie Bowl


* 1 banana

* berries (frozen or not)

* milk or coconut water

* ginger (boosts metabolism and gives great taste!)

Add everything into a blender until smooth texture and dig in! Add some granola, coconut flakes or more fruit.

3. Chocolate mug cake

* 1 banana

* oats

* 1 egg

* cocoa powder

* baking powder

Mix together in a ~mug~ and put it in the microwave. Usually takes around 3 minutes, but you can check it out the consistency you like!


Hope you like it!