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3 of the Best Coffee Bars to Study in Tampa

While the semester comes to an end, we all get on that grind for finals. It’s a stressful time especially when you have more than one exam on the same day. Our campus is so beautiful, but the only problem is it’s not big enough to study on campus. Especially during finals week all the study rooms, Starbucks and even the library become packed with people. For me, it’s a lot easier to study off campus. Throughout my time here I have been exploring Tampa looking for the newest and greatest places to go study. These places are peaceful, yet the ambiance sets for the studying mood.


1. Cafe Hey

Located on 1540 N Franklin St, Cafe Hey is a cute “hole in the wall” cafe perfect for studying. They offer a variety of food options as well as coffee to help you focus. Cafe Hey has a quirky ambiance with abstract paintings and colorful walls.

2. Foundations Coffee

Right near Cafe Hey, there is Foundations Coffee located on 1607 N Franklin Street. This is an urban cafe with nature feels. When you walk right in, the open spaces brighten the room, so there is plenty of lighting to study.

3. Oxford Exchange

Oxford is such a classic place for UT students to study, especially if you don’t have transportation to get off campus. Oxford has a modern ambiance and amazing coffee and tea bars along with a connected restaurant to it. This place is perfectly placed next to UT, making it a great place to study and focus.

Emely is a rising junior at The University of Tampa. She studies advertising and PR with a focusing on digital marketing. When she isn't bumping to J Cole, Drake or Aventura she's reading up on anything astrological, or editing photos for her food IG. As a New York City native, she loves exploring the cities micro-neighborhoods for their cuisine, music, and fashion. If you want to know more about Emely, follow her on Instagram - @aemiliatertia - or Twitter - @ThatEmely
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