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20 2000’s Nostalgia things that will make you want to be a kid again

  1. Buying accessories for your Crocs 

  2. Wanting to buy all the pens and erasers at the school book fair 

  3. Waking up to George Lopez at 3am 

  4.  Playing cash-cow on webkinz.com  

  5. Playing Facebook farm games

  6. Logging on to Girlsgames.com after school

  7. Asking for an i-dog for christmas 

  8. Trying to chat with other nearby DS users 

  9. Asking your mom for a pb&j circle sandwich for school lunches  

  10. Getting a pair of Moon shoes after seeing one ad about them on tv and immediately regretting it after falling and scraping your knee once. 

  11. Playing Bop it

  12. Getting anxious at a birthday as you wait in line as your favorite animal plate might not be there when its your turn for cake

  13. Trying to decide which pencil was the the worst and best smelling with your friends

  14. Playing M.A.S.H with your friends on the school bus ride home 

  15. Wearing stick on earrings and immediately feeling like a baddie 

  16. Trying your hardest to get your rubber popper to hit the ceiling in class

  17. Trying not to pierce through the other side of your caprisun when putting your sraw in 

  18. Wanting to know how may licks it took to get to the center of the tootsie pop

  19. Wanting to be a guest star on the Amanda Show 

  20. Reading the jokes off of the go-gurts your mom packed you for lunch

Allie is studying Philosophy and Business Administration at The University of Tampa. She is always curious to learn more and to know more. She enjoys writing about said curiosities and starting conversations with others that leave her thinking differently.
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