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17 Life Lessons We Learned From Lauren Conrad

Ever since the early days of Laguna Beach, every girl has dreamed of being as beautiful and smart as Lauren Conrad. Between her long blonde hair, flawless skin, and numerous successes in the business and fashion industry, Lauren is the full package. Along with her beauty, she also has great words of advice for her fans, friends, boyfriends and many more! Here are some of the lessons she has taught us.

1. Ending relationships are tough for everyone. Whether you are trying to get your friend to move on from her ex-boyfriend, or you can’t stop thinking about your old fling, we all can agree forgetting people is difficult.

2. Forgive and forget. Whether you forgive someone and forget what they did, or you forget them in general, holding grudges against people is a waste of time. No matter how badly someone burns you, forgiveness can make things better.

3. Having a big group of friends isn’t always a good thing. Instead of trying to find “your group” try finding a few steady friends. Fake friends aren’t worth your time.

4. No matter how badly you want something to work out perfectly…it won’t. Don’t stress about things not going your way because life is not perfect.

5. The whole saying “it’s not goodbye, it’s I’ll see you later” is totally untrue. Saying bye to someone is such a hard time. Grasping your head around the fact you won’t see someone again for a while is definitely not easy.

6. You may think your new boyfriend has a unique sense of style, which you love…but you’re probably the only one who loves it. Your friends are always going to be there to tell you when your not so cute boyfriend needs to take a hike…alone.

7. Happiness is key. You should never be with someone who puts more stress on your life or makes you feel bad about yourself. If he doesn’t make you feel like a princess than it is time to kick him to the curb and find someone else.

8. Your friends are the only ones to ever give you the brutal truth about any situation. If you think they are being too harsh, think again, because they are doing you a favor. It is hard to see things for yourself sometimes, which is what your friends are there to help for.

9. Life isn’t fair. Sometimes you really can’t catch a break. Even though it may seem hard to pull out the positive in these situations, you need to sit back and realize sometimes life isn’t going to go your way.

10. Trust is one of the hardest qualities to find in a person. Don’t trust someone too fast, because they will screw you over in a second.

11. When it comes to guys, patience is key. Never settle for someone because you want a boyfriend right away. Get to know him before you let your guard down and start planning the wedding. Take your time and the right guy will come to you.

12. Love is the most complicated four-letter word. People may think they’re in love, but then when the relationship is over they look back and realize it wasn’t as serious as they thought. When deciding if you truly love someone, you need to think deeply about your partner.

13. The biggest pet peeve a girl has is when her best friend ditches her for her boyfriend. Rule number one of friendship: friends come before boyfriends. You always need to make space for girl time.

14. Girls are always going to be catty and you need to be prepared. When you make a new friend don’t let your guard down right away, because you never know what someone is capable of.

15. Treat others like you want to be treated. I know this is a saying we learned in kindergarten, but it is so true. If you want respect from someone you need to give it to him or her first. Simple as that.

16. Never downgrade guys. If there is a guy that you DO NOT want to hook up with…then don’t! Don’t let your friends pressure you into kissing their friend if you don’t feel comfortable. Instead, go out and find someone who YOU like, not who your friends like.

17. Relationships end for one reason: because the person isn’t right for you. Don’t let a bad relationship prevent you from putting yourself out there. Once you’ve had time to heal you need to go out and meet new people…and forget about the loser who made you cry.

It’s safe to say that watching any Lauren Conrad show can be a therapy session. Even without trying, she gives the best advice out there! Thank you, Lauren, because without Laguna Beach or The Hills I would be so lost in life. 




















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