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10 Ways You Know You’re Getting Hit On by a Freshman

We’re about a month into school already and when we’re not stressing out over all the homework and tests we have each week, we’re releasing our stress on the weekends and being social. You don’t really have to worry about getting hit on by a freshman when you’re out at the bars (unless you’re at a Legacy event, that is). But once you step inside a house party, be sure to know that you are fair game. Here are the 10 ways you know you’re getting hit on by a freshman. Not that it’s a bad thing…;) *

1. “Hey, so what dorm building do you live in?”

As I have approached my senior citizen phase to my academic career, this was the first question I was asked when I stepped into my dear friend’s house party.  As we all know, most seniors tend to live off campus. However, I am, indeed one of the lucky few that have not taken that next step by moving off campus just yet. So for now, we’ll let this question slide.

2. “So, have you decided on what you want to major in yet?”

Listen buddy, I know I look like I’m 16, but I’m actually graduating in…December. I’m majoring in COM though, if you really must know. *Hair flip.* What will I do with that after I graduate? My guess is as good as yours.

3. “OMG, my professor let me out of my Gateways class a half hour early!”

GREAT CONVO STARTER, REALLY. But really, come on.

4. “So, have you partied at the HOJO yet?”

Yes, why yes I have. Four years ago to be exact.

5. “Wait, what’s Cass Bar?”

Boys, this will guarantee an immediate walk away.

6. “Wanna go eat at Morsani?”

I’m sorry. I don’t know what Morsani is. I only know of places to eat near the Cafe, and in STADIUM.

7. “So, what are you and your family doing for Parent’s Weekend?”

Nothing. They hate me. They’re not coming.

8. “Hey, we should go to the Cafe sometime. What meal plan do you have?”

I don’t have one; want to spot me a meal?

9. “Hey there. I live in a triple but both my roommates are out of town for the weekend ;)”

One minute; let me go grab my pajamas!

10. “Heyyyyyy. Were you at The Bungalow last night?”


*Disclaimer: This article is no way intended to put down freshman. It’s really just a reflection of my own self loathing induced by the sad reality that I actually have to graduate in a few months. Yes, I’m salty.

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Shane Autumn Nebbia is a junior at The University of Tampa, where she is pursuing a degree in Communication, a minor in Spanish, and a certificate in International Studies. Originally from a small town in New Jersey, Shane hopes to one day live somewhere where she can walk out to her backyard and be greeted with the ocean and a bunch of sea turtles and dolphins. Shane can be seen working in the Admissions office at UT, and collecting extra meals for the homeless on the weekends. When she's not in class, Shane can be found sitting in Plant Park, either with a good book or with a friend. Shane lives for her family, adventure, traveling, and her unhealthy addiction to chocolate chip cookies. Although Shane does not know where the wind will blow her, she hopes that one day she will be able to start an organization that gives back to both animals and people.
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